About us


Work Agency was born from the meeting between professionals in the sector with significant experience in nationaland international employment agencies

and entrepreneurs from other sectors, but with a strong passion for thebusiness world.This unique mix strongly distinguishes us from the competitors, making

us able to understand the realneeds of entrepreneurs, thus placingthe customealways at the center of attention .


Work Agency is an agency fortemporary work, research, selection, training and management of humanresources and aimsto be a strategicpartner for companies.

We are able to design customized and  innovativesolutions to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies.

Work Agency applies advanced research and personnelmanagement tools to meet the needs of rapid response,cost reduction,resource optimization,

according to current legislation.


Our mission is to be companies partners in their path of growthand development with the aim of becoming a strategic and essentialreference point and,

at the same time, is committed to offering people new job opportunities , helping to promote employment and personalprofessional growth.